Power and Automatic Panels for Genset in different applications, standard or special, as: Automatic panel for AMF or production single gensets;


Automatic panels for special applications, such as the management of one or more parallel gensets, insulated and/or connected to mains.A micro-processed Control Device, which is entirely designed and produced by SICES, fulfils the control and management logics of the system.


Main features:

The Basic version of the ATS Panel has a controller equipped with a 4 positions switch selector AUTOMATIC – 0 – MAINS – GENSET and 2 lamps for optical signalling “Load supplied by the Mains” and “Load supplied by the Genset”.

Its main function is the possibility to do the switch Mains/Genset manually.

The power circuit is carried out by a motorized switch (up to 4000A) or by a couple of interlocked contactors (up to 125A).

Starting from 160A, SICES ATS Control panels have MULTIPLE VOLTAGE (230/380/400/440V) and MULTIPLE FREQUENCY (50/60Hz).

Main features:

The version DST2600Title XL available now, equipped with automatic switch mains/genset and automatic circuit breaker for the alternator protection.

• Good price level
• Plug&Play solution
• Rugged and Reliable 
• High-quality materials
• Integrated calendar and clock for daily or weekly start/stop
• Advice for the periodical maintenance activity
• Serial communication by RS232 MODBUS RTU
• A remote control is available also via GSM/GPRS, RS485 Modbus RTU, Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP.

Open the datasheet to know the versions available.

Based on the requirement SICES Srl can supply:

  • Automation panels with PLC of the best brand. Control systems through DCS and redundant systems
  • Remote monitoring systems with industrial PC or monitor panels for SCADA
  • Distribution panels 400V
  • Power center 400V
  • Maintenance of existing panels 
  • Electric panels with customized interfaces

SICES Srl projects and produce:

  • Customized Electric control panels for CHP Plants, taking care about the cogeneration and the thermic system.
  • Concerning the Solar plants, SICES Srl supplies:
  • MV Cabinet
  • Reinforced concrete cabinet turnkey for big solar stations

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